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City Pigeons



Birds cause damage to buildings and infrastructure and are an occupational health & safety risk.

Many industrial and commercial buildings (factories, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, etc.) suffer from infestations of pest birds. The birds are attracted to these areas due to the shelter and food sources they often provide. Bird problems are not only limited to substantial property damage; the presence of the birds also creates a variety of health and safety issues.

There are 30 known diseases that can be passed from birds to humans.

Control Methods

Bird control is an integrated pest management operation. A combination of strategies is almost always required including removal, proofing and altering behavior.

Total Worx bird control are specialists in bird removal and eliminating to the source of the problem (the birds), proofing buildings can be an expensive exercise and even after spending considerable sums of money a site can still have a bird problem, proofing can simply move the birds from one area to another.

If you have a food storage warehouse, then the only effective method to eliminate a bird problem is a long-term bird control programme and reducing the resident bird population on a site. Usually sparrows and starlings are the predominant birds that affect food storage facilities and are the hardest to control. Total Worx Pest Control have successfully controlled bird problems ranging from 500 sparrows in a warehouse to a single pigeon. Birds are quite often termed as flying rats, so it makes sense to have a regular bird management programme, At Total Worx Pest we manage birds like rodents and provide a regular service to make sure your site has low levels of bird activity.

Backed by over 25 years of local experience, our bird control specialists are experienced in dealing with pests birds and undertake regular training on the best technologies and most effective processes.

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